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Independence of SAIs: new challenge for Tchad

Following the adoption of a new constitution in Chad following various consultations with different bodies of the Chadian society on the basis of an ambitious reform project aimed at strengthening democracy and the state of Right and due to the subsequent repositioning of Chad's higher public Finances control Institution into the institutional landscape, its change of name and its reintegration into the Supreme Court alongside other instittions, The Intosai Development Initiative (IDI) did not fail to express its concern with regard to what appears to be a demotion.
This institutional evolution would be contrary to the spirit of the declarations of Lima and Mexico giving the guidelines of the control of public finances with an emphasis on the strengthening of the independence of the SAIS for the promotion of more efficient, transparent and accountable administrations for the achievement of national development goals and sustainable development goals. It would jeopardize Chad's progress in building a more reliable and effective administration.
To this end, the IDI encouraged the authorities of that country to take measures to ensure, beyond the new position of the SAI, a sufficiently broad mandate, of human, material and financial resources and appropriate for the realization of its missions and functional conditions enabling it, in a professional, independent and efficient manner, to carry out the missions assigned to it. IDI also proposed its support for any initiative to provide the House of Auditors with an adequate institutional framework. The mutual experience really benefits everyone!

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