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Good Financial Governance Network fighting for legal Financial flows

 After the Financial Flows Conference in Yaounde, Cameroon, in May 2017, Afrosai and the other members of the Financial Governance Network agreed to strengthen their collaboration in the fight against non legal financial flows.

Afrosai General Secretariat took part in the Country Risk Profile assessment missions in Kenya and Gabon. The organization had to honor its international commitments under the 2017 Yaounde Accords as part of the implementation of the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan which now incorporates emerging issues.

In order to effectively combat illicit financial flows, the GFG network members (AFROSAI, ATAF, AFROPAC, CABRI) have developed a tool to assess the main risks and threats related to illicit flows at the country level.

This tool was tested for the first time in four African countries chosen for their vulnerability to non legal financial flows and for their experience in the field. These countries are Kenya, Morocco, Gabon and Namibia. The first phase was launched in Gabon from 26 to 29 November 2018, and in Kenya from 3 to 6 December. The second phase will take place in 2019 with Morocco and Namibia.

Representatives of the four organs involved in the development and validation of the pilot tool in April 2018 in South Africa, began its evaluation and impact.