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Eritrea launches its five-year strategic plan

At a ceremony held on 22 January in the capital Asmara, the Office of the Auditor General of Eritrea launched its five-year Strategic Plan, 2019 -2023.
Mr. Gherezgiher Ghebremedhin, Auditor General, highlighted the concerted effort made in the development and design of the strategic plan. He called for the participation and support of all stakeholders for its successful implementation. The Auditor General also noted that the strategic plan was prepared in collaboration with the Accelerated Peer Support Partnership Programme and how their continued support will be integral in its implementation over the coming years.  
Heads of financial institutions and ministries in Asmara, as well as higher governmental authorities were briefed on the main objective, mission and core values of the strategic plan. Mr. Gherezgiher (Gebrezgiabhier) placed emphasis on the importance of enhancing the independence of the Office of the Auditor General and strengthening the organization and management capacity of the OAG. The Auditor General concluded his remarks by extending his appreciation to AFROSAI-E, IDI, the members of PAP-APP and other stakeholders for their contribution in making the preparation of the strategic plan a success.
The office also received award of recognition for it’s work in Performance Audit from the African Organization of English speaking Supreme Audit Institutions (AFROSAI-E). Over 95 government and non-governmental officials from 65 organizations, the representative of the PAP-APP program, Ms Cynthia Mangaba and 83 OAG staff attended the event.